Are You Needing Leaf Gutter Guards? – the Benefits of These Simple Devices

Leaf gutter guards are affordable, ingenious and very useful devices that protect the gutters on your home and protect the home against various types of water damage. If you have been wondering whether investing into gutter guards is a good idea, indeed, according to Fort Smith roofers, the short answer is yes, definitely. Here are some more details to convince you.

rain gutter cleaning from leaves in autumn

Leaf Guards Prevent Gutter Damage

The gutters underneath your roof play a functional and an aesthetic role on your house. Cracked, rusty, bent and sagging gutters are not only unsightly – they also fail to fulfill their principle function, that of directing water away from the walls and from the foundation of your home to keep the building dry. Gutter guards can preserve the health of your gutters by preventing debris, such as leaves, pine pins, maple spinners, twigs, dust or rodent nests from accumulating inside the gutter pipes, a process that could clog and damage your gutters over time.

Leaf Guards Prevent Water Damage

Clogged gutters are unable to direct rain water and melted snow away from the walls and from the foundation of the house. Walls that get into contact with an excessive amount of water become wet and not only on the surface, but in the deeper layers as well, which can lead to the appearance of rot and mildew. Water that flows down your exterior walls can also get into the basement and the foundation of the house, causing water damage that is hard to get rid of.

Leaf Guards Prevent Pest Attacks

Raccoons, squirrels, birds, opossums, bees, wasps, mosquitos and termites are just a few of the animals that like spending time and building nests in gutter pipes, especially in pipes that are already covered in wet debris on the inside. Pest infestations cause very severe damage to water pipes – the excrement they leave behind is harmful for the material that the gutter pipe is made from and the nests built by the critters clog the pipes and cause rust and corrosion.

Leaf guards can efficiently prevent all this harm – whether you choose guards that are mounted inside the pipes or a type that goes on the top of it, these great protection devices will prevent the animals from getting into the gutters and from building nests inside.

Leaf Guards Prevent House Fires

The debris that can accumulate in your gutters is not only harmful for the pipes and for the walls – in dry periods, it also becomes a fire hazard. The dry leaves, twigs and other type of dry, organic debris can ignite in a second – all it takes is an airborne ember from your neighbor’s barbeque. Gutter guards efficiently prevent this type of house fires by not allowing any debris to accumulate in the gutter pipes – if there is no debris inside the pipe, it cannot catch fire.

Leaf Guard Add Value and Curb Appeal

Rusty, damaged gutters make even the most beautiful home a sad sight. Gutter guards preserve the gutters in good condition, maintaining their health and their shine, so your home will look attractive, well taken care of and loved – a home that will attract lots of envious looks.