The Most Durable Roofs – Materials, Features and Warranty

durable roofing materials

The most durable roofs might cost somewhat more than less resistant ones, but are able to withstand almost any weather and they can be relied on to protect the buildings they are installed on for decades. Expert roofers, like those found at roofing East Lansing companies, say that listed below are some of the strongest materials that you can choose for your new roofing system.

Steel Roofs

Steel is a modern roofing material that is becoming more and more common and appreciated for its great qualities. Metal roofing panels and shingles are made from special steel alloys covered in protective coating to provide even more strength. Metal roofs are among the most durable roofing systems available today – here are some features through which they achieve durability that often exceeds 50 years:

  • The metal alloys used for manufacturing roofing materials are resistant to corrosion, so they don’t rust, not even when they are exposed to an excessive amount of water over prolonged periods;
  • Modern metal roofs are resistant to impact as well, so they stay strong even when they are hit by hail;
  • Metal does not ignite, so these roofing systems are suitable for fire-prone areas as well.

Aside from strength and durability, metal roofs are also affordable and they offer excellent thermal protection, what’s more, homeowners can benefit from all these qualities without being required to do any special maintenance on their metal roof.

Clay Tiles

Clay roofs use tiles made from special ceramic tiles that can stay strong for around 75-100 years. The clay used to make the tiles is baked at high temperatures to remove all the moisture from the material and to make it resistant to rain, snow, fire, high winds and strong sunshine as well. Clay roofs have very low maintenance needs – regular inspections, cleaning and the replacement of damaged tiles is all that you need to take care of.

Clay tiles come in many different sizes and shapes and they are available in many colors as well – the most traditional hues are natural earth colors, such as terracotta, brown or red, but you can nowadays easily find clay tiles in more unusual colors as well, such as black, tan or white.

Though very durable and uniquely attractive, clay tiles are not suitable for any building. The material is heavy, therefore the building underneath needs to be sufficiently solid to be able to support the extra weight, so make sure that the weight-bearing capacity of your building is suitable for a clay roof.


Another heavy, but very durable and very attractive roofing material, slate can last for 100-200 years without getting damaged. Slate roofs consist of pieces of fine-grained rock that offer all the strength, beauty and resistance that you can expect of natural stone.

The resistance, durability and curb appeal offered by the material comes for a price too – slate is currently among the most expensive roofing materials.

The most durable roofs will efficiently protect your home against the elements for decades, so when you choose the material of your new roof, consider the materials above – they are the best, indeed.