Types of Roofing Material

roofing materials

Roofing material is as important as the roof itself, and particular material is used in particular environmental conditions and particular roofs. You should also know that some roofs need to be built with the default material and cannot be modified. Read this article further to understand the different types of roofing material.

1. Metal

One of the most common types of roofing material is metal. It is often used in places with little to no high winds. High winds can easily break the roof and make it fly and cause damage to both people and property. The biggest issue with metal is how clunky it is and how prone it is to degradation due to environmental factors such as heat and water. Metal roofs tend to heat up really quickly and also retain this heat for long periods of time. The metal roof can thus be preferably used in places with low temperatures, but in reality, metal roofs can be found throughout the world due to how cost effective they are. The most common types of metal that are used in the construction of metal roofs are zinc, tin, aluminium, copper and steel.

2. Tile

If you’re looking to go down the expensive route, then tile would be perfect for you. Tile roofs are known to be extravagant and pricey; they are also used in buildings where the roof is perked up to match the extravagant décor of the building. Most owners would prefer to use clay tiles, due to the sheer availability on the market. But if you are going for tile roofs, then you are actually spoilt for choices. These days tiles are even made from synthetic materials; in addition, you can also get tiles made from concrete and metal. There are other choices, but these are your best options when it comes to the roof made of tiles.


3. Asphalt Shingles

If one material had to rule them all, then asphalt shingles will be on top of that list. The modern-day innovation is an upgraded version of wood shingles and is used throughout the world as the go-to material for roofing purposes. They can be used in literally all roofing types and provide a number of different advantages over there rivals. The material is popularly used in residential units and in structures that have slopping or steep roof. The asphalt shingles are widely popular due to their purposefulness and cost-effectiveness.